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Look Book: OOTD Blue Denim Shorts Casual Outfit

A good pair of denim shorts is a staple for any summer wardrobe whether its a pair of Levi’s vintage or a replica from the high-street such as H&M.  For this particular look, comfort was key as the weather was extremely hot and there was going to be a lot of walking around involved.

blue denim shorts outfitDenim shorts and polka dot camipolkadot cami outfitSummer outfit

1. Denim Shorts: I have had these for over 5 years now and they still fit and look good as they did on day one. That’s one thing about denim I love it lasts for a very very long time.
2. Polka-dot Cami: I got this cami about 2 years ago from H&M and this again is another clothing items that has lasted. H&M does inexpensive good quality clothes that can last for years before needing to be replaced.
3. Sunglasses: Just like my sister “borrowed” my shoes in a previous post Casual And Comfy Travelling OOTD I decided to borrow her sunnies too.

What do you usually do on the first day of vacation? x



Summer Fitness Edition: Tips To Getting Back Into Exercising

Summer I find is usually the season of two things when it comes to fitness:

1.lots of BBQs, enjoying food, and relaxing when it comes to the strict dieting and exercising because the weather is just too gorgeous. Or 2. Strict focus on exercising and dieting because everyone’s summer body is on point you start training for next summer because you are so motivated. I would say I am half and half but I am trying to be serious and find a balance between being fit and actually enjoying the season as it will pass soon. Here are some tips that I am finding helpful in keeping me motivated and disciplined.


  1. Exercise Plan: I have found having an exercise weekly plan very motivating because it keeps me on track and helps me stay on track.
  2. Varied Exercises: Avoid repetition, there is nothing more mundane and boring than doing the same exercises everyday. Firstly not only is it ineffective because your body too used to it that over time it stops being effective, secondly because it makes for a boring session that you end up just giving up and skipping classes.
  3. Liquids, Liquids: these really do help a lot, water especially not only does it keep you hydrated with the heat but it flushes your system, clears your skin and is just good

Jumping rope

4. It’s really free to be fit: Okay so you can’t afford that fancy gym you want that’s not an excuse to not be fit. Take advantage of your environment at what you have around you. Go for walk outside (it’s sunny after all) so you can’t say it’s cold. YouTube, this has some of the most amazing workouts you could ever find and best of all they are all free. I swear by FitnessBlender (no it’s not sponsored, I just love them that much) for several years now.

5. It takes time: throw away that scale, it really takes time to see results so don’t get discouraged when you don’t see results immediately. And sometimes the pounds staying the same on the scale doesn’t mean you are improving, sometimes you are building muscles and replacing the fat so don’t always pay mind to the scale

And bonus tip: have fun with it, why make it boring and tedious

Any fitness tips you can add to these? x


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Casual And Comfy Travelling OOTD

The weather has been fantastic lately, especially English weather there were even whispers of a heat wave. But on this occasion I was extra happy and excited because it was vacation time, I had a lovely long weekend with a few girlfriends in Greece (I miss it already).  Although it was hot were we went and were we were coming from on the plane the aircon is always on full blast so my outfit was fairly balanced and picked with that in mind.

Denim black cami red bag outfitRed Bag outfitCasual summer outfitCasual OOTDBlue Denim and black top

  1. Cami– I got this black lace”pepulum” cami about 3 years ago in South Africa when i was on holiday. But here is a very similar design.
  2. Jeans– I got these high waisted jeans from H&M about 4 years ago, they have lasted a long time and they are very stretchy. So they are very forgiving for when I enjoy food too much and when I am strict with my diet. Can’t find the exact pair but here is an almost similar design.
  3. Bag– I got this bag a few weeks ago, I recently featured it in a few posts like  Date Night Monochromatic Outfit With A Pop Of Color and Affordable Alternate to YSL “Kate Monogram”: Carla Ferreri Red Chain Leather Bag
  4. Sandals– I “borrowed” these from my sister’s wardrobe, she got them about a month or so from Primark. But here is a similar pair.

What’s your “go-to” travel outfit? x


Travelling Blues, I Need A Holiday

It’s been a while since I have been on holiday, okay well not that long but to me it feels like forever. That is why I am going through holiday/travelling blues I just need to be getting excited and packing for an exotic holiday somewhere far and hot that doesn’t have bipolar British weather.

Until then I thought let me have a recap to some of my favorite holiday looks, this will get the creative/fashion juices following for my next holiday.  What has been your favorite holiday destination so far? x


June Beauty and Fashion Wishlist

I cannot believe it, we are really half way into the year were has all the time gone. It might be time to have a review at how the year has gone so fast and what it is that I have achieved. But before I do that let me just share my wishful beauty and fashion products for the mid-year.


Beauty Products




  1. The Body Shop’s Vitamin E moisture serum: I have been in love with serums since my Mary Kay brightening serum which has been featured Skin Care Regime. Since my Mark Kay has run out I thought let me take this opportunity to try a different serum and see if it works the same or better.
  2. The Body Shop’s  Chinese ginseng and rice clarifying polishing mask: this is a perfect mask if you want to brighten your skin without having to wait for the “in love glow”  
  3. The Body Shop’s Drops of youth bouncy sleeping mask: the reviews of this product had me eyeing for it. “24hr beauty sleep in a jar…” that what one reviewer said. And I for one want to try it for myself and confirm because I need a dose of more sleep.
  4. MAC’s Retro matte liquid lip-color in “chocotease“: this shade, I saw it on my friend and I fell in love with it. It perfect for a 90’s retro look.

As you can see from my beauty products they are all focused on skincare, this is my goal for the remainder of 2017. To look after my skin, maintain and improve it because well lets face it that’s the only skin I will ever have.

Fashion Products


It is summer which means wedding season is upon us. And though I don’t have as many wedding invites as I want, I do have a few and for all of them I need dresses. So I thought why not start shopping for wedding outfit ideas already.  I would go for girly dresses, floral patterns etc however I want to go for a girly look with the lace instead of floral and darker colors compared to pastels. The shoes I just saw and knew I needed you can never go wrong with a glittery pair whether its for summer or winter.

What are some beauty and fashion products  currently on your wishlist?

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Date Night Monochromatic Outfit With A Pop Of Color

When in doubt wear black and white, you ca never go wrong with these two colors. And that is exactly what I did for a recent dinner meal outing. However I wanted to add a pop of color because I wanted the outfit to stand out a little bit more.

black and white outfit

monochrom outfitootd

Skirt: I got this lace mesh pencil skirt a while ago, I have had it for over two years now so can’t remember were exactly I got it. But I have found a similar design here

Deep plunge neck surplice blouse: This is a recent purchase from SheIn and its still in stock here

Shoes: I got these from New Look a while ago, so comfy and cute in fact I have featured them in one of the posts The Spring Shoes That You Can Pair Up With Jeans – From My Closet

Carla Ferreri Chain Bag: This too has also been featured in a recent post Affordable Alternate to YSL “Kate Monogram”: Carla Ferreri Red Chain Leather Bag

Michael Kors Watch: one of my favorite accessories I have ever invested in Michael Kors Hand Jewelry

Out of the entire look-book the oldest item is the skirt everything else is fairly new. What “old” item have you been wearing recently.

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Are Designer Bags and Investment or Not?

I have pondered this question for a very long time. Are designer bags and investment or not? Are they really worth the investment or it is just an excuse one can use to justify such a price tag. So I thought why no explore that by directly looking at some of the latest trends in bag and compare a designer against a more high end but affordable alternate. If fact why not make it more fun by not revealing which one is the designer bag and have you guess yourself

The Bucket Bag

Did you know that a classic channel 2.55 is a better investment than the actual stock market. This is one of the cool, surprising facts I stumbled across when I was doing reach into this. The bag has increased over 70% since its launch Chanel Bag increase in value I have linked the full article there. If that doesn’t persuade immediately to think about this serious investment wise I don’t know what will.

The Shoulder Bag

So my argument so far doesn’t seem fairly balanced because I appear to have already formed my opinion, what can I say I am easily influenced.  So if you are like me and are easily convinced to here are some pointers you need to aware of. NOT all brands are lucrative, just like cars some brands hold more value compared to others. So for example  the best brands to invest in are Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Hermes and Gucci. And just like a car the value for a BMW M5 Touring G-Power Hurricane RS will set you back $410, 000 whereas a BMW 2017 230i will set you back $32, 850. Both are BMW’s but the price difference between the two is significant. This is the same with designer bags so consider this fact when looking into an investment piece. So take for example a Chanel Boy Bag and Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag which one is likely to be a classic and worth more in five or even 10 years? The Chanel boy bag is actually one of the most valuable designer bags Five Designer bags worth investing in

The Cross Body Bag

And like a car you also have to consider the way in which you acquire it, really with bags they are just like cars. As soon as you buy a brand new car and leave the dealership the value depreciates exponentially. This principal is similarly applied to bag, think of it this way “vintage” any fashion item that has vintage in the name today can fetch 10x the amount it was initially paid for, or in-fact a similar/identical design that is brand new. Why is that? Because the older the item is the more money it will fetch and purchasing it as pre-owned then keeping it for a few years in better than buying a brand new item today.

In conclusion I am just saying, “Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.” – Warren Buffet.  So you might as well invest in something you can enjoy and use in luxury whilst accumulating value along the way if the opportunity  does present itself.  So maybe until you can afford that expensive designer bag, why not buy a dupe until you can afford the real thing( the ones above feature a designer and a similarly cheaper prized alternate to it).

What do you think? Would you invest in designer bags?