OOTD: Maxi Dress + Corfu Old Town Pictures

I am a sucker for a maxi dress, and really maxi dresses and summer go hand in hand. To highlight how much I love them one of the very first posts on this site was on a maxi dress feature Floral Dresses: Flower Love Child Of Mine.  The outfit below was from one of the days when we went to sightseeing to Corfu Old town.

Maxi blue dress and red bagMaxi dress summer outfitNavy Blue Maxi Dress

Outfit Details: 

  1. Dress: I “borrowed” this navy blue maxi from my lovely sister’s wardrobe. She got it over 5 years ago from H&M
  2. Sunglasses: My sunnies from D&G recently featured Dolce And Gabbana Sunnies
  3. Bag: My Carla Ferreri bag  recently featured too as it’s a fairly new purchase Affordable Alternate to YSL “Kate Monogram”: Carla Ferreri Red Chain Leather Bag
  4. Scandals: these I bought about 3 years ago from H&M and I have featured them numerous times before Recap To My Favorite Outfits
  5. Bracelet: I got this from one of my bestfriends, she bought it in Kenya when she was on holiday there

I also thought to include some  pictures from Corfu Old Town, it’s very tourist, rustic and old hence the name I suppose. But what I have found is all “Old Towns” around all the European countries I have been to look identical. Is it just me?

Corfu old towncorfu architectureCorfu touristCorfu

What do you most look forward to as a tourist? x


Creativity Fatigue: Tips On How to Get Out Of The Rut

Blogging can me hard sometimes, putting out exciting and new content on a weekly or daily basis. Sometimes takes its tow and creativity can be lacking sometimes. I know this all too well because I recently went through that. For a month or so I don’t think I even posted anything because I couldn’t even be bothered. I was able to overcome this and below are some of the tips and steps I took:

Creative Blogging

  1. Step Away: Let’s be honest blogging is really not life changing, you are not a doctor or surgeon that performs a life changing activity.  This is something I had to humbly recognized, stepping away for a week and missing a scheduled post was not going to result in chaos or someone’s life falling apart. I needed to take a break and just do that leave the blog and have some space and time away.
  2. Switch up the routine: This really helped me because I realized although having a routine was good because it instilled discipline in me, it was also restricting me because it detected my routine and the posts I had. So I had to move away from that and try do it differently in order to get the creative juices following.



3. Appreciate others: the beauty of blogging is that there is a whole community around you, so for me I needed to remind myself. Instead of being a content creator I needed to take a backseat and go appreciate content of other bloggers in order to actually appreciate and remind myself of why I do this again. This was an amazing break and inspired a lot of content that will be featured in future.

4. Fun: I don’t do this full time I started blogging because I wanted a creative and fun outlet. And I needed to remind myself of that because at one point it started feeling like a job and that wasn’t a good feeling. So meditating and re-focusing and reminding myself of why I started doing it in the first place really helped me a lot.

How do you overcome a creative rut? x

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Bon Voyage! Travel Season : A Note From One Traveler To Another

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. That pretty much sums up  our views on traveling and life. The change in season has the traveling juices flowing so what better way to get motivated and inspired than to do a recap on some of the most beautiful places we have been to as well as share some useful and maybe obvious traveling tips we have learnt along the way.

Explore, explore, explore this is probably the most obvious tips. It is easy to pick a location and identify all the landmarks and exciting places you are going to visit.  But is there going to be enough time and are the places open the times you are there. So checking open times and sometimes even booking ahead for some of these places will make the touring experience seamless and not spending 2 hours waiting in a queue waiting to go into e.g. the Anne Frank museum, which is what happened to us because we just turned up without planning.

Yes touring, exploring and becoming cultured is important but don’t forget sometimes all you need to do is just seat back, relax and actually take time to enjoy the scenery. So go to the beach, order some cocktails even carbs forget the diet and relax and enjoy the view. Or go to a cool cocktail bar, club or street festival. Just have fun and enjoy it.

Don’t forget to create memories, not only be in the moment and enjoy it but do captures some of these memories so you can always look back on them. An idea would be to even create a Polaroid album and keep a picture or two or several if you can’t pick one. Then look back when you are seating at home and its rainy and cloudy outside haha.

What kind of holidays do you like sunny or winter destinations x