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Are Designer Bags and Investment or Not?

I have pondered this question for a very long time. Are designer bags and investment or not? Are they really worth the investment or it is just an excuse one can use to justify such a price tag. So I thought why no explore that by directly looking at some of the latest trends in bag and compare a designer against a more high end but affordable alternate. If fact why not make it more fun by not revealing which one is the designer bag and have you guess yourself

The Bucket Bag

Did you know that a classic channel 2.55 is a better investment than the actual stock market. This is one of the cool, surprising facts I stumbled across when I was doing reach into this. The bag has increased over 70% since its launch Chanel Bag increase in value I have linked the full article there. If that doesn’t persuade immediately to think about this serious investment wise I don’t know what will.

The Shoulder Bag

So my argument so far doesn’t seem fairly balanced because I appear to have already formed my opinion, what can I say I am easily influenced.  So if you are like me and are easily convinced to here are some pointers you need to aware of. NOT all brands are lucrative, just like cars some brands hold more value compared to others. So for example  the best brands to invest in are Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Hermes and Gucci. And just like a car the value for a BMW M5 Touring G-Power Hurricane RS will set you back $410, 000 whereas a BMW 2017 230i will set you back $32, 850. Both are BMW’s but the price difference between the two is significant. This is the same with designer bags so consider this fact when looking into an investment piece. So take for example a Chanel Boy Bag and Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag which one is likely to be a classic and worth more in five or even 10 years? The Chanel boy bag is actually one of the most valuable designer bags Five Designer bags worth investing in

The Cross Body Bag

And like a car you also have to consider the way in which you acquire it, really with bags they are just like cars. As soon as you buy a brand new car and leave the dealership the value depreciates exponentially. This principal is similarly applied to bag, think of it this way “vintage” any fashion item that has vintage in the name today can fetch 10x the amount it was initially paid for, or in-fact a similar/identical design that is brand new. Why is that? Because the older the item is the more money it will fetch and purchasing it as pre-owned then keeping it for a few years in better than buying a brand new item today.

In conclusion I am just saying, “Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.” – Warren Buffet.  So you might as well invest in something you can enjoy and use in luxury whilst accumulating value along the way if the opportunity  does present itself.  So maybe until you can afford that expensive designer bag, why not buy a dupe until you can afford the real thing( the ones above feature a designer and a similarly cheaper prized alternate to it).

What do you think? Would you invest in designer bags?




How Many Times A Week Should I Blog?

How many times a week should I make a blog-post? A question that I always struggle with from the start and even up now? This topic was briefly touched upon in a previous post Powerful Blogging Tips We Have Learnt but I want to expand on this topic a little more.


How long have you been running? This is an important factor to consider because if you are a very new site, publishing a post once a week may not be the best or quickest approach to grow your blog. For instance when I look at someone’s blog if I see one post no matter how well written and visually stunning it is. If there is only one post I am likely to not follow. So maybe at the very start of your blog its best to post if everyday possible or even 4/5 times a week. That way you build up an archive quickly so people who come across your site will have an idea of the type of content you release and how serious you are, therefore follow you.Blogging

OK, so now you have some audience but you no longer have the time to upload almost every single day what do you do. Slowly cut down the amount of times you post a week so instead of maybe just dramatically cutting down from 5 times a week. Start posting every other day and then eventually cut down to 2 or 3 times a week. Really settling for a schedule that suits your availability.  So my advice based on how long your site has been running and the time you have at your disposal, these factors will determine how often you should post there is no one size fits all. It’s all about experimenting, putting in the work then blogging whilst most importantly; having fun!!

How many times a week do you upload?


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Dolce And Gabbana Sunnies


Sometimes just once in a while you deserve to splurge on yourself, treat yourself otherwise what is the point of working so hard and not really enjoying the rewards. And that is just what I did!  I have wanted new sunglasses for so long especially since the last pair I had is slowly falling apart it’s quite sad.  I have been eyeing ray-bans as a replacement because they are so timeless and classic, however I thought why not go for something different for once.


So I decided to go for these D&G sunnies, is the color red talk about polar opposites in frame shape and even the color. But what can I say I decided to be a little bit adventurous.

Why I love these sunnies: 

  • The cat eye frame trend, it has been in for a few years now and I thought it would have died down by now but they keep finding a way of re-inventing it and bring it back. And with these glasses the twist is the gold frame that runs across at the top.
  • The color is gorgeous, so vibrant, bold and season appropriate. I also like the feel of them when a hold them you can tell they wont break easily if you drop them or something (touch wood that wont happen).
  • The packing,  this a bonus for me I didn’t expect this at all but it comes with a case which would be handy for travelling so you can pack them in a suitcase and they will not break. Then there is another one like a sunnies duster bag lol I really don’t know the name, so this you can use e.g. when you don’t feel like carrying around the other case so a little nice alternate.

What’s your favorite sunglasses brand? x



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Affordable Alternate to YSL “Kate Monogram”: Carla Ferreri Red Chain Leather Bag

I have NEVER been more excited to receive a package than I was when  I received this bag. So basically my obsession with SECRETSALES and bags has reached a new level. I have mentioned this site numerously in previous posts like Carvela Kurt Geiger Shoulder Bag.  I think this year both me and my sister have just been investing in accessories rather than actual clothing items which makes sense really because they don’t change in terms of sizing and will remain timeless and last for a long time.

Back to the bag, I bought this on SECRETSALES about two months ago, when it was on sale (TBF they do a lot of sales on a daily basis) and yes it has taken that long for it to come. I think unlike all the other items I previously bought with, this brand they only make the item once an order has been placed rather than holding many items in stock. Only after I bought it did I realize it was a dupe to YSL’s Kate Monogram leather shoulder bag.

However being the “frugalist” that I am I will not part with my money for such a small thing, it really doesn’t make any practical sense.

Features of the Carla Ferreri bag I love: 

  • It is leather made with a snake quilted effects/design which I really love because it is reminiscent of the Saint Laurent “small Kate Monogram embossed shoulder bag without the ridiculous price tag of course.
  • The brand “Carla Ferreri” I have actually done a bit of research on the branding and products and I do love their ethos “innovation, shape and elegance“.
  • The color and shape of the bag,  it really does stand out and because of the material its very sturdy and will hold shape for a long time.
  • It has an adjustable leather strap so you can carry it as a shoulder bag, cross bag or even a clutch, and it has various compartments including a back compartment for easy access e.g. passport, credit card etc. And the bag itself comes it a duster bag so I am able to keep it safely in there and it will maintain its condition for a long time.

Unfortunately the bag is no longer on sale at the moment, but it will come back at some point that’s the beauty of SECRETSALES.

I am so excited to use this bag over the summer, what accessory or new purchase are you currently obsessed with ? x


Powerful Blogging Tips We Have Learnt

We haven’t been running our blog for a very long time, less than a year actually. But over this short amount of time we have learnt some tips that have helped us along the way. So we thought why not share some of these.Blogging

  1. Know your audience:  Yes we all love to say “I blog because I love it and its my passion” this is mostly true with most of us however it is nice to know you appeal to someone, a person or an audience and they appreciate and enjoy reading the content you put out. So it is important to know the audience you are trying to appeal to or the audience that appeals to the content you post about. You can’t post for 6 months about fashion and beauty then the next month decide to switch it up to write about finance and politics.  This can confuse you audience as to the direction you are going because they are used to you in a certain way and a certain form of content therefore some might lose interest and feel alienated.
  2. Consistency:  This is key, I have found at the start when the blog was initially set up we used to post everyday, but we quickly realized this is hard to maintain and we were setting ourselves up for failure. This is when we decided to set up a practical schedule that works for us and allows us to maintain consistency with our our audience. Working out a schedule will also help motivate you as you have a clear guideline and time-frame as well it allows you to build a loyal audience where they know when to expect your content not randomly everyday for one month straight then no post for three months.
  3. Love your existing audience and new audience:  This can be difficult to balance because no blogger will out-rightly say they do not want to grow. As much as we enjoy blogging and it is a creative fun outlet, with it comes new old audience, loyal audience and challenges on how to grown without alienating existing audience whilst attracting new ones. So maintaining these relationships is important, I mean that is one of appeals of blogging connecting with like-minded people on a global scale. Blogging is not a one-sided relationship its important to interact, visit other people’s sites, reply to comments as well as comment on other people’s blog (don’t spam) just interact.

Blogging tips

  1. Content: this is very simple really good content and presentation means more appeal, interest and loyalty to your blogger. So thought into pictures and the text is important, simple things like using natural light and not artificial light. Spacing out your headings, using bullet points, formatting etc all these little things go to toward making your blog-post more creative and thus appealing to people.  With blogging we like eye-catching pretty pictures, you have to think what keeps you going to someone else’s site and use that as a pointer and guidance for yours (don’t plagiarize and copy but just get inspiration). It really is an amazing open-source, global, collaborative industry so take advantage and learn from others as well as letting others learn from you.
  2.  Don’t be selfish:  This is a touchy point for everyone, as a blogger you will get brands wanting to collaborate with you. And this is the grey area bloggers often shy away from speaking about because you don’t want to seem like a sell out, but it is nice to get freebies who doesn’t want free makeup on clothes etc. However you must be mindful of some of the brands you collaborate with, do they appeal and fit in with the  brand and audience you have? Are you now instead of being informative bombarding you audience with sponsored posts?  This can alienate your audience and take away from the authenticity that once made you unique and interesting to them. And touching on this point too, competing with other bloggers. It’s not a competition there is plenty of space and room for everyone its suppose to be fun and creative so don’t turn it into a competition.

What other tips have you learnt that you would like to share? x


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Holiday Summer Lookbook Recap

I can’t believe just over a week ago I was in Portugal, busking in some sun, sipping on a sangria and thinking about absolutely nothing whilst enjoying the clear blue skies and gorgeous weather. Now fast forward to a week where am I back in wonderfully grey England ahhh. Let me just reminisce of how it was a truly relaxing mini break….

Boho dress

print dressShift dressCut off outfit

One of the highlights of this mini break was finally getting to wear some of my favorite summer clothes, relaxing in good company and sipping on sangria’s and cocktails. What’s your favorite thing about holidays? x

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Summer style ideas to steal from Coachella Festival

We all know Coachella marks the beginning of summer style. Not only is Coachella a music festival but over the years it has become a place where celebrities and super fashionable concert-goers like to debut their stylish summer looks.

This year’s Coachella has been no different, it has become the perfect place to search for the perfect spring and summer outfit inspiration.

Below are my top inspirations for this summer!

Looks like white is going to be trendy again this summer. Pairing up with denim will give it that edgy stylish look.


You can never go wrong with denim, whether it’s a pair of denim shorts, a denim skirt of denim dress, you can easily pair this up with a nice tee a cool pair of ankle boots.

Print detail is also in this season.


Let me know your favorite spring/summer style with a comment below.