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First Impressions: “The Body Shop” Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask

So a few posts ago I made a wishlist of product that I wanted to try June Beauty and Fashion Wishlist and most of them were body shop products.  I went and got myself one of the highly reviewed and favorable products, I actually went in with the intention of trying “The Body Shop’s  Chinese ginseng and rice clarifying polishing mask” however upon recommendation and consultation with the sales person I went for the Himalayan charcoal.

Himalayan clay mask body shop

Himalayan clay maskHimalayan face maskHimalayan seaweed clay mask

First impressions so far are:

  1. It’s very minty, when I put it on it had an intense tingling sensation which was different for me because the other charcoal masks I use do not feel like that but I think it’s because of the green tea leaves.
  2.  It dries very quickly in less than 10 minutes which is very convenient if you are an “on-the-go” person and don’t have much time to pamper yourself.
  3. Smell fantastic, it reminds me of the sea, spa, a holiday and Gucci Bamboo Perfume a combination of all these four which I love because all these give me positive vibes within me.
  4. My skin felt fresh and clean after using it, was I glowing nope but i think its not immediate let me give it a few more tries then see if I have the “J-lo” glow.

But overall I am happy with the product and the price point as well is not too too expensive.

What other face masks would you recommend for trying?


Creativity Fatigue: Tips On How to Get Out Of The Rut

Blogging can me hard sometimes, putting out exciting and new content on a weekly or daily basis. Sometimes takes its tow and creativity can be lacking sometimes. I know this all too well because I recently went through that. For a month or so I don’t think I even posted anything because I couldn’t even be bothered. I was able to overcome this and below are some of the tips and steps I took:

Creative Blogging

  1. Step Away: Let’s be honest blogging is really not life changing, you are not a doctor or surgeon that performs a life changing activity.  This is something I had to humbly recognized, stepping away for a week and missing a scheduled post was not going to result in chaos or someone’s life falling apart. I needed to take a break and just do that leave the blog and have some space and time away.
  2. Switch up the routine: This really helped me because I realized although having a routine was good because it instilled discipline in me, it was also restricting me because it detected my routine and the posts I had. So I had to move away from that and try do it differently in order to get the creative juices following.



3. Appreciate others: the beauty of blogging is that there is a whole community around you, so for me I needed to remind myself. Instead of being a content creator I needed to take a backseat and go appreciate content of other bloggers in order to actually appreciate and remind myself of why I do this again. This was an amazing break and inspired a lot of content that will be featured in future.

4. Fun: I don’t do this full time I started blogging because I wanted a creative and fun outlet. And I needed to remind myself of that because at one point it started feeling like a job and that wasn’t a good feeling. So meditating and re-focusing and reminding myself of why I started doing it in the first place really helped me a lot.

How do you overcome a creative rut? x


Summer Fitness Edition: Tips To Getting Back Into Exercising

Summer I find is usually the season of two things when it comes to fitness:

1.lots of BBQs, enjoying food, and relaxing when it comes to the strict dieting and exercising because the weather is just too gorgeous. Or 2. Strict focus on exercising and dieting because everyone’s summer body is on point you start training for next summer because you are so motivated. I would say I am half and half but I am trying to be serious and find a balance between being fit and actually enjoying the season as it will pass soon. Here are some tips that I am finding helpful in keeping me motivated and disciplined.


  1. Exercise Plan: I have found having an exercise weekly plan very motivating because it keeps me on track and helps me stay on track.
  2. Varied Exercises: Avoid repetition, there is nothing more mundane and boring than doing the same exercises everyday. Firstly not only is it ineffective because your body too used to it that over time it stops being effective, secondly because it makes for a boring session that you end up just giving up and skipping classes.
  3. Liquids, Liquids: these really do help a lot, water especially not only does it keep you hydrated with the heat but it flushes your system, clears your skin and is just good

Jumping rope

4. It’s really free to be fit: Okay so you can’t afford that fancy gym you want that’s not an excuse to not be fit. Take advantage of your environment at what you have around you. Go for walk outside (it’s sunny after all) so you can’t say it’s cold. YouTube, this has some of the most amazing workouts you could ever find and best of all they are all free. I swear by FitnessBlender (no it’s not sponsored, I just love them that much) for several years now.

5. It takes time: throw away that scale, it really takes time to see results so don’t get discouraged when you don’t see results immediately. And sometimes the pounds staying the same on the scale doesn’t mean you are improving, sometimes you are building muscles and replacing the fat so don’t always pay mind to the scale

And bonus tip: have fun with it, why make it boring and tedious

Any fitness tips you can add to these? x



Travelling Blues, I Need A Holiday

It’s been a while since I have been on holiday, okay well not that long but to me it feels like forever. That is why I am going through holiday/travelling blues I just need to be getting excited and packing for an exotic holiday somewhere far and hot that doesn’t have bipolar British weather.

Until then I thought let me have a recap to some of my favorite holiday looks, this will get the creative/fashion juices following for my next holiday.  What has been your favorite holiday destination so far? x


June Beauty and Fashion Wishlist

I cannot believe it, we are really half way into the year were has all the time gone. It might be time to have a review at how the year has gone so fast and what it is that I have achieved. But before I do that let me just share my wishful beauty and fashion products for the mid-year.


Beauty Products




  1. The Body Shop’s Vitamin E moisture serum: I have been in love with serums since my Mary Kay brightening serum which has been featured Skin Care Regime. Since my Mark Kay has run out I thought let me take this opportunity to try a different serum and see if it works the same or better.
  2. The Body Shop’s  Chinese ginseng and rice clarifying polishing mask: this is a perfect mask if you want to brighten your skin without having to wait for the “in love glow”  
  3. The Body Shop’s Drops of youth bouncy sleeping mask: the reviews of this product had me eyeing for it. “24hr beauty sleep in a jar…” that what one reviewer said. And I for one want to try it for myself and confirm because I need a dose of more sleep.
  4. MAC’s Retro matte liquid lip-color in “chocotease“: this shade, I saw it on my friend and I fell in love with it. It perfect for a 90’s retro look.

As you can see from my beauty products they are all focused on skincare, this is my goal for the remainder of 2017. To look after my skin, maintain and improve it because well lets face it that’s the only skin I will ever have.

Fashion Products


It is summer which means wedding season is upon us. And though I don’t have as many wedding invites as I want, I do have a few and for all of them I need dresses. So I thought why not start shopping for wedding outfit ideas already.  I would go for girly dresses, floral patterns etc however I want to go for a girly look with the lace instead of floral and darker colors compared to pastels. The shoes I just saw and knew I needed you can never go wrong with a glittery pair whether its for summer or winter.

What are some beauty and fashion products  currently on your wishlist?


How Many Times A Week Should I Blog?

How many times a week should I make a blog-post? A question that I always struggle with from the start and even up now? This topic was briefly touched upon in a previous post Powerful Blogging Tips We Have Learnt but I want to expand on this topic a little more.


How long have you been running? This is an important factor to consider because if you are a very new site, publishing a post once a week may not be the best or quickest approach to grow your blog. For instance when I look at someone’s blog if I see one post no matter how well written and visually stunning it is. If there is only one post I am likely to not follow. So maybe at the very start of your blog its best to post if everyday possible or even 4/5 times a week. That way you build up an archive quickly so people who come across your site will have an idea of the type of content you release and how serious you are, therefore follow you.Blogging

OK, so now you have some audience but you no longer have the time to upload almost every single day what do you do. Slowly cut down the amount of times you post a week so instead of maybe just dramatically cutting down from 5 times a week. Start posting every other day and then eventually cut down to 2 or 3 times a week. Really settling for a schedule that suits your availability.  So my advice based on how long your site has been running and the time you have at your disposal, these factors will determine how often you should post there is no one size fits all. It’s all about experimenting, putting in the work then blogging whilst most importantly; having fun!!

How many times a week do you upload?


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Blush And Pink Beauty Haul

I am in love with the pinks and blush colors, there’s just something so feminine and girly about them. So I decided to write a whole post dedicated to my favorites products in this color.

  • Victoria’s Secret Perfect Body Sweet Almond Oil Moisturizing Lotion: this is a lightweight “springy” lotion if I should say. It is very moisturizing and smells sweet without being too sickly sweet.
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara: when it comes to mascaras I don’t really have loyalty like a go to mascara, I think it’s because I am not into eye lashes and getting dolled up too much. But I find this mascara does the job, elongates my lashes and adds a bit of dramatic intensity when paired up with a cat-eye look.
  • MAC “Spirit” Matte Lipstick: I think I have mentioned this in several posts already MAC Lipstick Collection, it is one of my favorite lipsticks. I usually pair it with a different colored lip-liner for intensity and dimension.
  • No7 “Chic” Lipstick: this is another one of my new favorites, and I have mentioned this is before Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks And….. the glossy finish makes it a “go-to” for me because I hate having dry lips.
  • Mary Kay “Bold Berry” Cheek Color: my love for Mary Kay products will never die, I think out of all the beauty products I use. Most of the products are from Mary Kay its such an under appreciated brand in my opinion. Anyways this cheek color it’s so shimmery, I use it as both a blusher, bronze when combined with another cheek product and an eye color. Talk about 3 in 1 product this is it.
  • Moroccan Rose Oil: this rose oil is amazing for carrying as a traveling perfume/scent it small and works as both an oil and perfume. I like to this of it as a scented oil. It smells flowery obviously because of the Rose but it’s not just a typical rose smell the “Moroccan” in it reminds me of a holiday every-time I put it on.
  • W7 Lip Twister in “Pink”:  this I recently purchased and have only started using it heavily recently, usually I use it in combination with Sleek’s “Mulberry” lipstick featured Random Beauty Favourites.
  • Elizabeth French “Lizzie Pucker Up” Lip-liner: this is a gem on a lip liner, I have had this for several years and rarely used it because back then I didn’t know how to apply makeup and use all the different product. But now that I do, I use this sometimes in combination with another lipstick like MAC’ Ruby Woo or just as a lipstick and add a clear lip-gloss over it.

Whats your favorite color and product currently? xx