Black Color Edition: Christmas WishList

Black Color Edition: Christmas WishList

It’s that time of the year again were Christmas is upon us and we are glimpsing into 2018. How time seems to have flown by so quickly, I am looking forward to what 2018 has to offer. But before that let’s enjoy the last month of 2017. So as part of coming back into the swing of regular posting (life had taken over) and the festivity season, I am doing a Christmas wishlist based on colors. So the first post will be the color black of course because it is just that versatile. The other colors that will follow in the series are red, green and white.

  1. Black Boots – who doesn’t like a nice thigh high pair of boots especially this winters. I found these here and couldn’t resist.

2. Quilted Leather Cross Body Bag- I have been a fan of cross body bag since I bought this  Carla Ferreri Cross Body Bag featured in a previous post, so I had and have to add a new one to my collection. That’s why I am eyeing this Markese Cross leather quilted body bag


3.  Black Studded Sunglasses-  I think a pair of sunglasses is necessary whether its winter or summer whatever season they just add a touch of glamour since my first investment pair  Dolce And Gabbana Sunnies   I now see how it’s really a worthy investment because they last longer, and this pair of  Valentino studded sunglasses is one I am eyeing.

What’s your favorite color for the Christmas Season? x

Disclaimer: No I am not sponsored by SecretSales, it’s just my favorite online store.

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