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Look Book: OOTD Blue Denim Shorts Casual Outfit

A good pair of denim shorts is a staple for any summer wardrobe whether its a pair of Levi’s vintage or a replica from the high-street such as H&M.  For this particular look, comfort was key as the weather was extremely hot and there was going to be a lot of walking around involved.

blue denim shorts outfitDenim shorts and polka dot camipolkadot cami outfitSummer outfit

1. Denim Shorts: I have had these for over 5 years now and they still fit and look good as they did on day one. That’s one thing about denim I love it lasts for a very very long time.
2. Polka-dot Cami: I got this cami about 2 years ago from H&M and this again is another clothing items that has lasted. H&M does inexpensive good quality clothes that can last for years before needing to be replaced.
3. Sunglasses: Just like my sister “borrowed” my shoes in a previous post Casual And Comfy Travelling OOTD I decided to borrow her sunnies too.

What do you usually do on the first day of vacation? x



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