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Collaborative Blog Post: South Africa Holiday Guide 2017

This year one of my goals has to be to start collaborating and working alongside other bloggers, be it lifestyle, beauty or travelling. So it was an exciting opportunity when I got presented with the opportunity to guest feature on Esquavi .  This site, Esquavi is a lifestyle blog  that features everything from music reviews, holiday guides, podcasts, lifestyle, technology and Food recipes all with the goal of highlighting the best of what Africa has to offer.  For the post I was given creative freedom to write about whatever topic I wanted, so I decided to write about my second love, Travelling (Fashion being first of course)!!

For the post I decided to focus on South Africa because that one of the only countries I have been back to on multiple occassions because I love it that much. So I decided to do a comprehensive travel guide and I am going again in a few weeks *squeals with excitement so it helped with adding more activities to my itinerary.

south african sunset

The blog post is very comprehensive and covers everything about why you would, and should add South Africa to your bucket-list of countries to visit.  I was very impressed with this article because although I have been to South Africa so many times, I learnt and discovered so many more hidden gems from the research that I am excited for upcoming trip and will be ticking some of those off my list. The full post is South Africa Travel Guide 2017 

Cape Town South Africa

As I mentioned before I was given creative freedom so I decided to challenge myself and even created a YouTube summarized guide that you can watch the video of that South Africa 2017 Holiday Guide

Aside from South Africa (me hopes) what other countries are on your travel bucket list? x

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First Impressions: “The Body Shop” Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask

So a few posts ago I made a wishlist of product that I wanted to try June Beauty and Fashion Wishlist and most of them were body shop products.  I went and got myself one of the highly reviewed and favorable products, I actually went in with the intention of trying “The Body Shop’s  Chinese ginseng and rice clarifying polishing mask” however upon recommendation and consultation with the sales person I went for the Himalayan charcoal.

Himalayan clay mask body shop

Himalayan clay maskHimalayan face maskHimalayan seaweed clay mask

First impressions so far are:

  1. It’s very minty, when I put it on it had an intense tingling sensation which was different for me because the other charcoal masks I use do not feel like that but I think it’s because of the green tea leaves.
  2.  It dries very quickly in less than 10 minutes which is very convenient if you are an “on-the-go” person and don’t have much time to pamper yourself.
  3. Smell fantastic, it reminds me of the sea, spa, a holiday and Gucci Bamboo Perfume a combination of all these four which I love because all these give me positive vibes within me.
  4. My skin felt fresh and clean after using it, was I glowing nope but i think its not immediate let me give it a few more tries then see if I have the “J-lo” glow.

But overall I am happy with the product and the price point as well is not too too expensive.

What other face masks would you recommend for trying?

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Look Book: Jumpsuit For A Summer Evening

Jumpsuits, sometimes I love sometimes I hate imagine the hardship you face when you need to go to the bathroom. However they are so comfy and such an easy throw over sometimes I just tend to grab for these when I am indecisive. Like on this day, I just need something comfy and breezy to lounge in as well as go for a meal wearing.

OOTDoutfitPink Jumpsuit OutfitPink Jumpsuit

Outfit Details: 

  1. Jumpsuit: Ermm I really cannot remember where I got this, I have had it for a few years now I am going to guess TK Maxx (TJ MAXX -US).  I can’t find this identical design but ASOS has a similar design here

Why I have been shoe-less in the last few posts I don’t know x


OOTD: Maxi Dress + Corfu Old Town Pictures

I am a sucker for a maxi dress, and really maxi dresses and summer go hand in hand. To highlight how much I love them one of the very first posts on this site was on a maxi dress feature Floral Dresses: Flower Love Child Of Mine.  The outfit below was from one of the days when we went to sightseeing to Corfu Old town.

Maxi blue dress and red bagMaxi dress summer outfitNavy Blue Maxi Dress

Outfit Details: 

  1. Dress: I “borrowed” this navy blue maxi from my lovely sister’s wardrobe. She got it over 5 years ago from H&M
  2. Sunglasses: My sunnies from D&G recently featured Dolce And Gabbana Sunnies
  3. Bag: My Carla Ferreri bag  recently featured too as it’s a fairly new purchase Affordable Alternate to YSL “Kate Monogram”: Carla Ferreri Red Chain Leather Bag
  4. Scandals: these I bought about 3 years ago from H&M and I have featured them numerous times before Recap To My Favorite Outfits
  5. Bracelet: I got this from one of my bestfriends, she bought it in Kenya when she was on holiday there

I also thought to include some  pictures from Corfu Old Town, it’s very tourist, rustic and old hence the name I suppose. But what I have found is all “Old Towns” around all the European countries I have been to look identical. Is it just me?

Corfu old towncorfu architectureCorfu touristCorfu

What do you most look forward to as a tourist? x


Creativity Fatigue: Tips On How to Get Out Of The Rut

Blogging can me hard sometimes, putting out exciting and new content on a weekly or daily basis. Sometimes takes its tow and creativity can be lacking sometimes. I know this all too well because I recently went through that. For a month or so I don’t think I even posted anything because I couldn’t even be bothered. I was able to overcome this and below are some of the tips and steps I took:

Creative Blogging

  1. Step Away: Let’s be honest blogging is really not life changing, you are not a doctor or surgeon that performs a life changing activity.  This is something I had to humbly recognized, stepping away for a week and missing a scheduled post was not going to result in chaos or someone’s life falling apart. I needed to take a break and just do that leave the blog and have some space and time away.
  2. Switch up the routine: This really helped me because I realized although having a routine was good because it instilled discipline in me, it was also restricting me because it detected my routine and the posts I had. So I had to move away from that and try do it differently in order to get the creative juices following.



3. Appreciate others: the beauty of blogging is that there is a whole community around you, so for me I needed to remind myself. Instead of being a content creator I needed to take a backseat and go appreciate content of other bloggers in order to actually appreciate and remind myself of why I do this again. This was an amazing break and inspired a lot of content that will be featured in future.

4. Fun: I don’t do this full time I started blogging because I wanted a creative and fun outlet. And I needed to remind myself of that because at one point it started feeling like a job and that wasn’t a good feeling. So meditating and re-focusing and reminding myself of why I started doing it in the first place really helped me a lot.

How do you overcome a creative rut? x

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Look Book: Mustard Baby-doll Dress Date Night Outfit Idea

Mustard has been and continues to be one of my favorite colors ever. For me it is because it’s such a vibrant, eye catching and exuberant I can’t help but be drawn to it. In fact I have featured this exact outfit in a look book inspired post I posted a while ago with the exception of the shoes I wore Fashion Inspiration:Easily Spice Up For That Date Night look



Outfit Details: 

  1. Dress: this dress I got from New Look during the Christmas sales, it has been sitting there waiting for an occasion to be worn.
  2. Blazer:  this blazer I have had for several years and I have featured it before in some post like Black and White Casual Outfit
  3. Heels: these heels I got from JustFab about a year ago, I am surprised they have lasted this long with how much I wear them  The Spring Shoes That You Can Pair Up With Jeans – From My Closet
  4. Necklace:  this necklace I got about three Christmases ago from New Look again, here is the closest one I could find here
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Rose Gold And Brown Fashion Accessories Obsession

There is just something luxuriously feminine about Rose gold and earthy colors that I am currently obsessed with. Below are some of my current favorite fashion accessories:


1. Gold watch: this watch I can’t remember were I got it from, but here is a very similar design
2. Brown scarf: this was gifted to me and is my favorite item so far. Can’t find a very similar design but here is a nice one.
3. Rose gold “cat-eye” sunglasses: here is a similar design to these.
4. Gold ring: I think I got this from River Island or Primark, one of the two. You can easily find them in any high street or high end store. For example these rings.

5. Bag: this is another Kurt Geiger bag, I really love that brand both me and my sister already have bags from this brand. I can’t find the exact design anymore but here is a similar design

What’s your favorite color right now? x