How Many Times A Week Should I Blog?

How many times a week should I make a blog-post? A question that I always struggle with from the start and even up now? This topic was briefly touched upon in a previous post Powerful Blogging Tips We Have Learnt but I want to expand on this topic a little more.


How long have you been running? This is an important factor to consider because if you are a very new site, publishing a post once a week may not be the best or quickest approach to grow your blog. For instance when I look at someone’s blog if I see one post no matter how well written and visually stunning it is. If there is only one post I am likely to not follow. So maybe at the very start of your blog its best to post if everyday possible or even 4/5 times a week. That way you build up an archive quickly so people who come across your site will have an idea of the type of content you release and how serious you are, therefore follow you.Blogging

OK, so now you have some audience but you no longer have the time to upload almost every single day what do you do. Slowly cut down the amount of times you post a week so instead of maybe just dramatically cutting down from 5 times a week. Start posting every other day and then eventually cut down to 2 or 3 times a week. Really settling for a schedule that suits your availability.  So my advice based on how long your site has been running and the time you have at your disposal, these factors will determine how often you should post there is no one size fits all. It’s all about experimenting, putting in the work then blogging whilst most importantly; having fun!!

How many times a week do you upload?



17 thoughts on “How Many Times A Week Should I Blog?

  1. I upload 3 times a week- every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I used to post everyday but I find this schedule a lot more manageable for me. I can keep up with posts and even get ahead. Great post though. 👍🏻

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    1. It really is tough especially for new bloggers i struggled with it because sometimes the content i was posting was sub-par at the start because I just couldnt come up with good content..maybe finding a balance between quality and quantity 🙂

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  2. I’m at 6 days a week here and while sometimes it can be tricky to manage I just have to schedule everything down to the wire which suits me. I read so much (addict) that if I didn’t I’d be posting reviews months after I actually read the book which just feels weird.

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  3. I blog everyday. Some days I make two entries on my blog.
    I have days for each post. Eg
    On Mondays, I post articles or something inspirational,
    Tuesdays, I post my ‘Person of the Week’ interview.
    Wednesdays and Thursdays, I do beauty post. Friday, my in house makeup artist answers makeup related questions. On saturdays, I post about music and food. Sunday is religion.
    It’s tasking but fun!

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  4. I’m very happy I stumbled upon your blog. Mine is about 1 month old and I was thinking wouldn’t have anything to blog about if I post too often. Your insight is really useful; I never thought to post on particular days of the week.

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