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Carvela Kurt Geiger Shoulder Bag

Carvela bagCarvela dina mini bagCarvela Kurt GeigerCarvela

So I have been making a couple of purchases specifically for the spring and summer season. This year my focus has been on bags for some reason  just recently  I updated my collection here   Mini Shoulder Bag Collection.

I have been a fan of Kurt Geiger  bags, they have the most amazing quality irrespective of whether its leather or synthetic. Me and my sister already have bags from this designer and they still look as brand new as the day we bought them. We always get our bags from because they offer designer and well reliable/trusted brands at a highly discounted price.

The latest addition I got I feel in love with was because of the colour it is such as typical springy colour and that what I need. The material for the bag is synthetic but the shape and way it woven  and designed allows it to hold the shape. I got the  bag here Kurt Geiger I think it is now sold out however these bags always come back into stock on the site.

I am always looking for new bag brands to try out because I want bags that will last me a long time. Any designers you can recommends? x


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Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks And…..

Colorpop lipstainMary Kay ConcealarswatchNo 7 lipstick

Finally,I got my hands on some colourpop lipsticks I have wanted to try some of their products for the longest time ever but here in the UK they are not easy to get a hold of. It’s some long process of purchasing and getting them delivered to the UK (last time I checked unless if things have changes). Anyways I got these two colourpop lipsticks from one of my best friends who brought a stash when she came back from her trip in America.

Colourpop lipstick in “Scrooge”: this is not just a matte lipstick its ultra matte which means you will not be able to avoid the dryness you usually experience with matte formulas. With this you have to put a coat of gloss or Vaseline before you apply it because it is very drying. The color itself is so bright and highly concentrated you won’t need to apply it twice over your lips.And it does last the whole you don’t need to touch it up it will not budge. You can get it from the official site (however it doesn’t seem to be available right now) or even Amazon.

Colourpop lipstick in “bad habit”:  This again is in an ultra matte formula but you know what sometimes beauty requires being uncomfortable and a little sacrifice so it is worth it. Apparently you shouldn’t put a base like Vaseline or lip-gloss because it interferes with the super-long wear of the lipstick. The colour is almost similar to “scrooge” though I would say it is a little bit lighter than “scrooge”. This is currently still available on the official site so you can purchase it directly Colourpop “bad habit”.  I am excited to try use these two lipsticks over the spring/summer period the colors are just perfect for that.

I also have two extra products that I thought I might as well include in this post because they are related.

No7 Lipstick in “Chic”: This is a high-street brand part of Boots if I am correct. They have a range of their own No7 moisture drench lipsticks that has over 10 colours to choose from.  I love the formula of this because it’s very moisturizing you don’t even feel like you are wearing a lipstick. The color is gorgeous for wearing alone as well as mixing it up with other colors for example mix with “bad habit” or even Mac’s “sin”. You can get this Boots as well as see the other selections they have.

Mary Kay “perfecting concealer”:  I am not a big fan of concealers because I often feel like they leave your face very cakey and artificial looking.  However with this one I have found it is very light and does the job very well of hiding any discoloration and so forth without making it obvious that you have a range of makeup products on your face. My shade is specifically ” deep bronze”, another thing I like about it is you can use it for natural everyday looks as well as highly contoured looks for those special events or times when you do feel like really going all out with your makeup. You can get this on the official site

What lipstick or beauty products are you most looking forward to playing around with this spring/summer.




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Random Beauty Favourites


I have been loving a couple of what I would classify as random beauty favorites recently. I don’t have some long worded story about why I am liking these products for once I will just go straight into it.

  • Victoria’s secret body mist spray: This body mist I actually got from TKMAXX (my addiction to that store is worrying), I wasn’t even looking to get one but when I smelt it I could not resist. It’s a nice, sweet,  light and flowery jasmine and honeysuckle scented body mist that works as an everyday scent when you don’t feel like wearing and overpowering very expensive perfume.
  • Little Red Dress Eau De Perfume: This has been hanging about in my closet for a little while now I think for almost two years. I think the reason why I never saw it’s appeal at the start was because of the scent, it’s a very grown woman, sexy scent and back then I didn’t appreciate that(blame it on age). It’s got blends of fruity nectar, Bulgarian rose and sensual red sandalwood and these are the types of scents that I am finding myself appreciating more especially as I get older.
  • Sleek Mulberry Lipstick: I love Sleek it is one of those high street brands that continuously delivers in terms of quality products. I love a deep, dark, vampy lip irrespective of what season it is. And this is a new addition to my collection that I will be wearing this spring/summer season why not confuse people a little; rebel without a cause I am. The lipstick has a sheen finish to it so it’s not drying to the lips at all which is a plus.
  • Sleek Russian Roulette Lipstick: Another sleek lipstick I am loving right now, this lipstick has a matte finish to it which I usually am not a big fan of but the color makes up for it. It’s not a typical red color I look at it as a burnt red or brick red-ish color and that’s really the main appeal for me.

What are some of your current beauty favorites? x

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Mini Shoulder Bag Collection


I have been loving little shoulder bags lately, I am especially excited for them because soon we will be going into spring/summer. This is the perfect accessory in my opinion for enhancing the femininity of a typical summer outfit like a floral, girly summer dress. This is why I am most excited and can’t wait to accessorize my outfits with these bags.

  • Pink should bag: this I was given as a present by my lovely sister for our birthday. She got it from Asos but I tried to find it on the site but I can’t find the exact version. However here is a similar one ASOS Scallop Cross Body Bag With Laser Cut Out which is the exact version of the black one but in a different color. This is also another similar design Pink structured chain bag
  • ASOS Scallop Cross Body bag with laser cut out: So this one I bought for myself over the Christmas season break, that was when I was going through my October Wishlist… and trying to cross off things from that list. This exact color I can’t find anymore on the site but I  provided a link the pink version above. Or this similar design Delicate black PU shoulder bag
  • Print bag: Is this graphic or zebra print I don’t know so I am unsure as to how to describe this bag. But I love the print it gives an outfit that little extra edge that makes it stand out especially if you are wearing a basic outfit. This is a very similar design I found Black and white PU quilted flap bag


What bag trends are you looking forward to this spring/summer ? x