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Maybelline Nudes Palette

PalettePalette 2Maybelline 1

Until I can get my hands on that dreamy smoky palette I talked about in my last post October Wishlist…  (already started researching and looks like the one I am eyeing the “urban decay smoky palette” highly reviewed and recommended). I have to make do and appreciate this current palette that I have had for over 6 months now. So in the spirit of showing gratitude and appreciation of what I do currently have before I possess what I wish to have.

What initially attracted me to the palette was the blush-pink based colors I guess that’s why the palette is name blushed nudes. The colors themselves I wouldn’t say they are too too pigmented in my opinion I think that’s one of the main reasons why it was my never go to palette when I did my eye makeup. From all the colors in the palette my favorites are the bottom colors they provide me with a mixtures of colors that allow me to try and create one of my favorites looks of the moment “smoky, dark and sultry” looks, but the top colors are gorgeous. I find the top colors work best for adding that extra spark to the inner corner of the eye or highlighting the browbone sometimes.

Overall I would say it’s a good palette especially for the price, but with a lot of creativity I think this palette could be used to create a range of looks and will be worth your while. So with the festivities and party season upon us I am going to try and use this palette for a lot of the looks I envision. Hopefully they will come out alright if they do I might even post a follow up review.

What is your favorite make up palette?


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