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Winter Black Chic Staple Items


So is black a shade or a color, I think I have asked this before and I am still no closer to coming up with an answer. But anyways whatever it is, it’s gorgeous and I love black especially when it comes to clothing because it allows you to mix and match with everything. It’s a diverse and if you look at all the classic fashion items they all have the color of black e.g. little black dress “LBD”.

In this post I have decided to highlight three key staple black winter pieces that I have taken out as the weather continues to plummet.  These pieces are not just ordinary pieces in my opinion, they add a level of chicness to any outfit and transforms it from basic to glamorously chic.

Little black boots:  I don’t think one pair of little black boots is enough, in my cases I have about 3 pairs but these continue to be my favorite because of the gold detail on the bottom part of the boot. I got these over a year ago in New Look, unfortunately they no longer have the exact pair but I found a similar pair New Look Suedette Heeled Ankle Boot with Metal Block Heel.

Black Fedora: I have had this for over 3 years, and like the little black boots this is another staple in my wardrobe. I actually have 2 black fedora’s but this one is my favorite for some reason. I think it’s the fit and design, I got it from Forever 21 during sale season here is a similar design from Romwe Black Fedora Hat With Metal Jadoku Chain

Faux Fur scarf:  who doesn’t want a touch of glamour once in a while, this fur scarf definitely makes me feel fabulous when I have it on. It is just that perfect addition you can throw over any outfit. I have had this for a few years too can’t remember where I got it from but here is a similar design from ASOS Over-sized Knit Scarf & Faux Fur MixHowever if you have colder winters and want something warmer, this gorgeous  Faux fur collarless coat will be a staple.

What are your winter staple items?

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There is no better time to get those Christmas party outfits ready than during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale!

With two Christmas parties lined up this season, I already have my eyes on my two outfits already! I recently came across amazing for lazy shoppers like me because its online and the pieces are inexpensive and gorgeous. And for an added bonus they have an upto 80% off on black Friday, and I am definitely getting my party outfits from there.

These are my two picks for outfits:

Outfit One: the classic LBD look, this would be gorgeous for an office party or a more formal celebratory occasion were the dress code is more restrictive. I know for my work party a LBD is the look I will go for. And for some sassiness I added these feathery black heels they are flirty, fun and super comfortable.

Outfit Two:  this is more for going out with friends on a Christmas meal that might involve a formal meal then a night out on the town. You can never go wrong with a Bardot/off the shoulder style dress like this  off the shoulder pink dress which has been one of my favorite trends of the year as feature before Bardot ruffle floral summer outfit.  The black heels will work with both dresses because as many of us know black is versatile like that. Similarly for the clutch I thought it would be gorgeous with both looks.

So which one is your favorite?

Envelope Clutch With Chain
Laser Cut Envelope Clutch With Chain
Sleeveless Dress - Black
Belted Fit & Flare Sleeveless Dress – Black
Off The Shoulder Ruffle Dress
Pink Off The Shoulder Ruffle Sheath Dress
Black Feather Ankle Strap Sandals
Black Feather Embellished Ankle Strap Stiletto Velvet Sandals
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Recap To My Favorite Outfits


I have been going through a blogger’s block if there is such a thing or just a lack of creativity hence why I have had so many fashion posts lately. Honestly I think it’s just the weather now that clocks’ have moved back and it’s dark just after noon (not really) but there is hardly any day light. This has made it difficult to capture any fashion posts using natural light instead of artificial lighting. So I have decided to do a post highlighting some of my favorite looks throughout the year especially around summer time.

Outfit one: I wore this on one of the hottest summer days of the year. I wanted to take full advantage of this and opted for a typical summery, girly outfit without the flowery print.

Dress: I got this dress I think about 2 years in a sale but I can’t remember which store it was from. However I found almost similar designs from Romwe; or this off the shoulder ruffle dress.

Outfit Two: my favorite denim jeans, these I have on in the second and third outfit. Torn skinny blue denim jeans I considered necessary in my wardrobe. These I got from here from H&M.

Outfit Three: The denim jeans I mentioned above, I kept it simple with a simple black t-shirt which I got from Forever 21 simple and inexpensive.

Outfit Four: I got this wrap skirt from New Look during sale season, but as usual I can’t find the exact skirt, so here is a similar design H&M draped skirt. And I paired it with a navy green top from New Look.

I love scarves irrespective of what season it is as you can see from two of my outfits, and for unique designs I often go to TJMaxx or TK Maxx , they have every design from different materials like woolen to silk here is a design similar to the pink one I had draped on my bag Bhavna woolen scarf.

I also had a bunch of accessories in all the outfits, I love love piling on accessories I just feel like they add that extra factor to your outfit and can take it from simple to very edgy. I have talked about a lot of these in many of my previous posts including Jewelry: let’s have some accessory fun and my bag which has been featured numerously too Black and White Casual Outfit.

What have been some of your favorite looks throughout the year? x


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Maybelline Nudes Palette

PalettePalette 2Maybelline 1

Until I can get my hands on that dreamy smoky palette I talked about in my last post October Wishlist…  (already started researching and looks like the one I am eyeing the “urban decay smoky palette” highly reviewed and recommended). I have to make do and appreciate this current palette that I have had for over 6 months now. So in the spirit of showing gratitude and appreciation of what I do currently have before I possess what I wish to have.

What initially attracted me to the palette was the blush-pink based colors I guess that’s why the palette is name blushed nudes. The colors themselves I wouldn’t say they are too too pigmented in my opinion I think that’s one of the main reasons why it was my never go to palette when I did my eye makeup. From all the colors in the palette my favorites are the bottom colors they provide me with a mixtures of colors that allow me to try and create one of my favorites looks of the moment “smoky, dark and sultry” looks, but the top colors are gorgeous. I find the top colors work best for adding that extra spark to the inner corner of the eye or highlighting the browbone sometimes.

Overall I would say it’s a good palette especially for the price, but with a lot of creativity I think this palette could be used to create a range of looks and will be worth your while. So with the festivities and party season upon us I am going to try and use this palette for a lot of the looks I envision. Hopefully they will come out alright if they do I might even post a follow up review.

What is your favorite make up palette?