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When In Prague Part 2…


This is part two of the Prague weekend trip, I think it will end with a part three because I do want to have a tourist focused post highlighting some of things we saw and some good food recommendation places etc In this one it will be fashion focused so outfit of the day.

This was the hottest day of the whole trip so I took advantage of that by trying to wear materials that were light weight and not heat absorbing.  The details are below:

Top: this lovely silk long sleeved cami I got from New Look but as per usual I can’t see the exact top on the site so I have found an almost similar design Misguided tie blouse or New Look blouse. The second one I linked is actually cuter because it gives the illusion of a choker and chokers are currently still on trend.

Shorts: I got these shorts from Forever 21 when they were doing a massive clear out last summer. The photos didn’t capture the detail of the shorts very well but they are a tweed kilt type of design with scalloped design a some lace detail at the bottom of the shorts.This is the closest I came to finding a similar design Buffalo shorts

The bag and shoes have been featured in numerous posts before like Black and White Casual Outfit and Pink overload outfit. I have on a gorgeous headband that is going to be featured very soon in a favorites post as well as the sunglasses because they are a similar frame to another pair I have but these are new.

Here to looking forward to the final chapter in the Prague weekend posts x



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