October Wishlist…


Since it’s too soon to do a Christmas wish list, I have decided to make this a September/fall wish list. So why not create a mood board to visual the things I wish for. The items cover beauty and fashion and varying in prices.

  1. Leather jacket: I think this is a staple in every wardrobe, a black leather jacket is typically what I would have gone for. But I wanted something different and what’s more different than an oxtail or blood red leather jacket; it’s bad-ass, very fall oriented and adds that extra spark to an outfit.
  2.  Chain clutch: I have always wanted a chain clutch for a long time I don’t have this in my collection and I want it. I am quiet frugal when it comes to money so I wouldn’t necessary splurge on a designer bag.
  3. Origins Clay mask:  This is one of my favorite face masks I was using this the whole of last year and since it ran out I have been lazy to re-purchase it plus I have been using my Indian healing clay + apple cider vinegar mask which I featured in my previous post Current Favorites. But I miss it in my collection and want to interchange it with my other face masks.
  4. Black biker boots:  I am not an uggs type of girl so when it’s winter time I always struggle for boots to wear. I love biker boots because they are comfortable, have the grip to keep me from falling over when it snows and they look sexy as well and bad-ass (which is slowly emerging as the theme of my post).
  5. Smoky make up palette:  I want a palette with dark, earthy colors that I can use to create smoky looks. Christmas season is upon us which mean lots of parties and gathering so what’s better for accompanying a glass of malt wine, a red lip and smoky eye.

What on your wish list?



Current Favorites


I have been loving a few things over the year, I am not a monthly favorites type of girl mostly because I am a creature of habit. So my current favorites are made up of stuff that I have had for a few months or I have been using for a while.

  1. Head band:  I bought this over 2 months ago and I have to say I love love love it, I will and have been wearing the heck out of it When in Prague part 2….  I bought this at Tesco’s the UK’s version of Walmart. However as always I found a similar design on one of my favorite site Bohemian Crystals & Seedbead Tiara Headband.
  2. Sunglasses: This design is quite similar to the other version I always wear, however these ones are new of course. I have featured these in a previous post When in Prague part 2…
  3. Mary Kay Tone Correcting Serum:  I have been using this for over 3 months, mentioned in my skincare post a while ago  Skin care rejuvenation. Like I have mentioned before I have problematic and prone acne skin as well as loads of blemishes and discoloration from all the years of suffering. I have been using this Mary Kay Tone correcting serum to try and repair my skin. So far it seems to be working I just need to be more patient until it’s even and flawless.
  4. Nail Polish: This is part of my L’Oreal collection, the color is 222 “jardines des roses” this is a gorgeous nude blush pink Color Riche Le Vernis A L’huiler. It’s a typical spring color but I wore it a lot this summer.
  5. Indian healing clay + apple cider vinegar: I use this in combination, thus I only have it as one item. I have been hearing a lot of wonderful things about these two products, especially apple cider vinegar. It’s works perfectly for any skin type and it has a range of benefits including:
  • fights acne, pimples and blemishes
  • balances the pH levels of your skin therefore preventing it from being too oily or too dry
  • reduces age spots
  • fights wrinkles and removes toxins from skin

These two I mix up to make a face mask that I use once a week, in addition I make a toner that’s made up of two equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar. The best thing about this is both products are very cheap and can last for over a year ( I had these products since 2015). You can easily find these on Amazon Indian healing mask and Apple cider vinegar.

What are some of your current favorites?

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Red Overload: Mini Nail Polish Collection

I see red, red and more red. Clearly I am an addict when it comes to this colour in nail polishes. I decided to use the transition into fall as a perfect excuse to highlight and review various shades of red nail polishes. In my opinion this is a colour that works for whatever season be in summer for “vibrancy and excitement of a  possible summer love affair”, or fall for a bit of “moody gloom as winter and the cold season is looming in the background”.

  1. This is a studio london nail polish it doesn’t really have a name or number. I love it because it dries quickly and has a glossy finish that doesn’t require using a shining polish afterwards.
  2. This is Revlon Colorstay in Velvet rope 130 it’s stated as longwear enamel I guess this means it doesn’t chip easily? I like the colour and can’t complain about it.
  3. This is L’oreal Rouge Sauvage 550 I love love love this one, the packaging gold lid or whatever the technical term is. Then the design of the bottle it’s very unusual and I have yet to see a bottle design like this. Then the colour itself it dries quickly, very pigmented you only need one coat and it’s very glossy.
  4. This is Rimmel London in Rapid Ruby 320 the color is gorgeous and the fact that it actually dries up in 60 seconds makes it one of my favourite colours.

In the swatch I am actually wearing two of them so the first coat was the london studio color then the second coat I added the L’oreal rouge sauvage.

What are some of your favourite colours?

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When In Prague Part 2…


This is part two of the Prague weekend trip, I think it will end with a part three because I do want to have a tourist focused post highlighting some of things we saw and some good food recommendation places etc In this one it will be fashion focused so outfit of the day.

This was the hottest day of the whole trip so I took advantage of that by trying to wear materials that were light weight and not heat absorbing.  The details are below:

Top: this lovely silk long sleeved cami I got from New Look but as per usual I can’t see the exact top on the site so I have found an almost similar design Misguided tie blouse or New Look blouse. The second one I linked is actually cuter because it gives the illusion of a choker and chokers are currently still on trend.

Shorts: I got these shorts from Forever 21 when they were doing a massive clear out last summer. The photos didn’t capture the detail of the shorts very well but they are a tweed kilt type of design with scalloped design a some lace detail at the bottom of the shorts.This is the closest I came to finding a similar design Buffalo shorts

The bag and shoes have been featured in numerous posts before like Black and White Casual Outfit and Pink overload outfit. I have on a gorgeous headband that is going to be featured very soon in a favorites post as well as the sunglasses because they are a similar frame to another pair I have but these are new.

Here to looking forward to the final chapter in the Prague weekend posts x