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When In Prague: Girly OOTD






So I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Prague for a four day long weekend hen-do for one of my very close friends. And first off Prague is gorgeous I had “omg” moments when I was there, if you are an architect type of person and you appreciate buildings and all that I would suggest Prague as a go to destination for that.  I should probably do a post on some of the things we got up to and the tourist go to places(just an idea).

Anyways back to my outfit, so on this day it was very hot, and a girly light weight outfit was a necessity, so a simple cami and a pop of color is what I came up with.

Top: Very simple white spaghetti cami, here is the exact top but mine was originally from H&M.

Skater skirt: This was originally from H&M again but here is an exact copy from Boohoo very inexpensive.

Bag: This was a Christmas present so I don’t know the shop were it came from, but trust ASOS to have identical versions like this Snake chain shoulder bag

Watch:  My trusty favorite watch, already featured it before Michael Kors Hand Jewellery

Sunglasses: Already featured these before in numerous posts like Denim shorts: summer outfit and Sunglasses: Now you see me…





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