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Essential Beauty Oils

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I have started incorporating oils into my beauty and skin care routine and I must say it’s going well so far, no miraculously transformation but I see significant improvements. I use these two oils to different things.

Jojoba Oil:Β Unfortunately I have sensitive and oily skin which is awful because I can’t experiment too much with a lot of face products because I break out especially with oils. However with this oil I use it under eyes and around the eye area. It helps in reduces the puffiness I experience in the mornings. So my use of this is limited but for other skin types you can use it all over and some of the benefits include; acne control and skin moisturizer.

Argan Oil:Β This is organic genuine argan oil, I was so lucky I went to the “Medina Market in Marrakesh” when I visited Morocco and was able to purchase the unrefined and unprocessed version. I love it and use it sparingly on my hair, usually I mix it with other oils like grape seed oil and carrot oil to make a hot oil treatment. This leaves my hair soft, shiny and luscious. You can use it for your skin too but I avoid just because of my skin type.

What’s your favorite hair and beauty oils? x



16 thoughts on “Essential Beauty Oils

    1. Really I am so scared to use too much on my face because I have oily skin, will try to use it all over once a week or something..I have never heard of Moroccan black soap it sounds good let me hunt for it on amazon πŸ™‚


  1. I love the idea of going back to basics with beauty regimes. I use rosehip oil by Trilogy and its lovely. I’d for you to do more posts like this, especially oif your products are ethically sourced and organic. This is such a good post, and a great idea to expand on!

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    1. Definitely agree with you, sometimes getting back to basics is the best thing you can do for your beauty regime..I am trying to start explore oils I will look into rosehip oil the only annoying thing for me is oily sensitive skin so I cant always be as adventurous as I want to with oils πŸ™‚

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