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Gucci Bamboo Perfume


I have made it a mission this year to grow my perfume collection, I must admit I have always viewed it as redundant having a lot of perfumes. My simplistic mind always believed you only need one perfume use that then when it runs out purchase a new one. However over the last few months I guess with a change in seasons and maturity I have started to understand why one might have a collection of different perfumes.

This is the latest addition to my growing collection Gucci Bamboo, this was gifted to me (so giving hints does work). This came with a mini mirror that fits right in with you handbag/purse or everyday travel bag. As usual I won’t attempt to describe the scent of the perfume because I am terrible at that, but it does remind me of nature and bamboo trees haha I guess the name gives it away. Though surprisingly there is no bamboo mentioned in the notes.

The notes of the perfume include; italian bergamot,casablanca lily, ylang ylang and comoros sandalwood.

What are you favorite scents? Any recommendations to add to my collection x

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Little Black Dress: Wedding Outfit

ootdwedding outfitLBDblack dress green accessoriesoutfit

This was my second wedding of the summer season. On this occasion I couldn’t find any of my bright, floral dresses. Therefore I had to reach for this little black dress. Now I understand why it’s important to always have an LBD in your wardrobe.

To brighten up the outfit I decided to add some bright accessories, outfit details below:

Black Dress: I bought this over 3 Christmases ago it was on sale, the price, dress design and especially the bust area design is what caught my attention. So I had to have it, in fact I loved it so much I got the exact same one in a blush color.

Shoes: I am a repeater when it comes to clothes and I have no shame in that (“if you buy things you don’t need soon you will have to sell things you need -Warren Buffet). I apply this philosophy when shopping, anyways back to the shoes these have been featured countless times Blues cool summer outfit and Denim shorts: summer outfit.

Necklace This was also featured before Blues cool summer outfit

Clutch: This was a bespoke clutch my mom got for me on holiday in America, it is made of recycles paper like chocolates wrappers, crisps bags etc. I will feature it properly very soon in another blog post.

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Current Summer Favorites

JadoreCurrent favsSunglasses and watch

I really am having a hard time accepting summer is coming to an end in the next few weeks. At least we have a “heat-wave” before it completely disappears.

In honor of this soon to be gone gorgeous season I have decided to do a mini summer favorites or essentials I have loved this summer.

Sunglasses: these have been a staple piece because for once English summer was hot, though we are well known for having four seasons in one day this year we had proper actual summer. These sunnies have been featured countless times on numerous posts(Denim shorts: summer outfit).

Perfume: it’s necessary to smell good irrespective of what season it is. But in summer it’s more important because it’s a sweaty season obviously where you have to constantly refresh. One of my favorites has been this J’adore Dior which comes along with a small hand lotion that comes in handy when travelling.

Watch: I have no very good reason for this being in my summer collection except that I love the color of the watch face. It’s a vibrant and eye catching color that even if you don’t have on a lot of hand jewelry or don’t want to have on a lot of hand jewellery this is enough and eye catching enough.

what’s been in your summer favorites? x

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Pink Overload Outfit

FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (1)

I don’t know what was going on this day, but I was in an ultra-girly mood. I think it’s because the sun was out and I was in a new city; I was ready for an adventure and  to explore the beauty of the city as well as hunt for ice cream of course.  To be fair the outfit isn’t really that girly, I think it’s the matching dress and bag that makes it seem like it is. I added brown sandals and  a brown summery, knit cardigan hopefully it breaks it up a little from being too too “omg-she’s-wearing-too-much-pink“.

Outfit details below:

Dress: I bought this like five years ago from ASOS so I doubt it’s still in stock.

Sandals: I bought these from H&M about two years ago; I don’t think they still have them in stock but they do still have them in white here

Bag:  This bag is similar to the one my sister had in the last post Denim shorts: summer outfit except mine was in pink. And I got this from Secret Sales as well and the sale is back on the Carvela Kurt Geiger Bag

Cardigan:  This I cannot remember where I got it but it’t just a basic cardigan you can get anywhere H&M Cardigan Heaven

Glasses:  these my sister was wearing in the last post Denim shorts: summer outfit

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Essential Beauty Oils

Oils BottlesOils

I have started incorporating oils into my beauty and skin care routine and I must say it’s going well so far, no miraculously transformation but I see significant improvements. I use these two oils to different things.

Jojoba Oil: Unfortunately I have sensitive and oily skin which is awful because I can’t experiment too much with a lot of face products because I break out especially with oils. However with this oil I use it under eyes and around the eye area. It helps in reduces the puffiness I experience in the mornings. So my use of this is limited but for other skin types you can use it all over and some of the benefits include; acne control and skin moisturizer.

Argan Oil: This is organic genuine argan oil, I was so lucky I went to the “Medina Market in Marrakesh” when I visited Morocco and was able to purchase the unrefined and unprocessed version. I love it and use it sparingly on my hair, usually I mix it with other oils like grape seed oil and carrot oil to make a hot oil treatment. This leaves my hair soft, shiny and luscious. You can use it for your skin too but I avoid just because of my skin type.

What’s your favorite hair and beauty oils? x


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Denim Shorts: Summer Outfit

Tapi 3Tapi 2Tapi 5Tapi 4Tapi 1Tapi 6
Bottom up outfit

I am going to miss summer, it’s officially only a month to go before we start transitioning to fall/autumn. So I had to bring out the denim shorts and sunglasses before it’s all ended. Wore this outfit for on a weekend trip on site sighting and enjoying good food and cocktails. I loved this outfit, the colors just complemented each other very well.

Below are the outfit details:

Shorts: I bought these a few years back, I have attached a very similar design that is still selling at the moment  H&M Denim shorts 

White Cami: this is a basic wardrobe piece you can find anywhere Strap top

Shoes: these shoes have been featured before Blues cool summer outfit

Black blazer: this is another necessity to any wardrobe, it was also featured in a previous post Black and White Casual Outfit not the exact blazer but another black blazer. Here is a similar looking one  Forever 21 Blazer

Carvela Kurt Geiger Bag: This was a bargain, I found this amazing website where you get a lot of things on discount especially designer products (SecretSales). And that is where I got this bag. The sale is no longer on the website it expired but I have attached Carvela bag just from a different outlet.

Sunglasses: these I got from River Island or H&M very inexpensive, they were featured previously Sunglasses: Now you see me…





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My Burberry “Eau de Parfum” Goodness

Burberry4Burberry 1Burberry2Burberry3Burberry5

I love Burberry next to (J’adore) Dior, (My Burberry)Burberry is my go to scent. I was fortunate enough to scoop up this set during Christmas 2015. The set was on a discounted promotional sell that included; “My Burberry Eau De Parfum”,“My Burberry Moisturising Mist”. In addition there was a tote bag which was the  free complimentary gift that was offered with the purchase (I just can’t find it at the moment).

I won’t lie and attempt to describe the notes of the scent to you but all I can say is it has a  very girly, light and earthy scent basically it smells like a piece of heaven. But I have checked the notes and ingredients from the official website and they are:

…top notes of sweet pea and bergamot, a heart of geranium leaf, golden quince and freesia, and a base of patchouli and rain-tipped damask and centifolia roses