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MAC Lipstick Collection

In all honest I have never been a die-hard fan of MAC lipsticks to me they are just an over-hyped brand that sells somewhat expensive products. But nevertheless I thought I would try some of their products and see if I can be converted into a lover. I have included swatches of the lipsticks to show how it looks on my skin tone.

The three lipsticks I choose cover the spectrum of what I consider necessary colors to a girl’s collection.

The night out rebel color“SIN”This has a matte finish, usually I am not a fan of this type of finish because you constantly have to keep re-applying the lipstick or use gloss over it to prevent your lips from drying up. However with SIN I was pleasantly surprised, there was no dryness at all if I didn’t know better I would have thought it was a satin finish.

The shy, sophisticated color “SPIRIT”: This has a satin finish which I love love there is nothing I hate more than dry feeling lips when you have on lipstick. And with this lipstick you never have to constantly re-apply it. It’s also multi-functional because you can combine different lip-combinations with this.

The devious, sexy color “RUBY WOO”This has a matte finish, which like I mentioned above I do not necessarily likes because it’s drying to the lips. However what I found with this is its extremely drying and leaves you with dry, flaky lips. But I suppose if you put a gloss over it like “Bordeux” (Not so nudes summer), its fine. However for me it defeats and takes away from the vibrancy of the color. So often I  use good old Vaseline before applying the lipstick.

Overall I am not yet a full-fledged lover of MAC it’s not yet my go to brand for lipsticks but I must say I do love SOME of their lipsticks, maybe I just have to experiment and try some more of the lipsticks and other products of course.


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