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Lipstick Collection

I always meant to complete my lipstick collection and review. Last time I solely focused on the MAC Lipstick Collection but this time I have decide to review all of them. The collection is quite random as it is made up of multiple high street brands.

Vixen: The brand is Sleek and the lipstick has a sheen finish. I love this the color is beautiful and the finish prevents you from having to constantly re-apply it.

Certainly Red: The brand is Revlon and the lipstick has a creme finish. This red is quite similar to that of vixen the only difference is the level of sheen/shininess between the two. But I love it.

Russian Roulette: The brand is Sleek and the lipstick has a matte finish. Love the color hate the dryness I get from it though. However now I use it with a lip-gloss over it and Vaseline before applying it so it’s fine.

Chic: The brand is W7 from Ebony, I have talked about this in my Not so nudes summer post, so you can tell I love it, it’s my current “go to” lipstick

Maxi:  the sticker with the name of the lipstick is no longer showing but it was from Maxi. I love this tone, but it’s even more perfect when combined with MAC’s Spirit

Mystic: This is my third Sleek lipstick, I just love the formula they use in their lipsticks so much. The finish is matte, I combine it with a gloss.

Lustrous Caramel:  The brand is Isadora and the lipstick has a creme finish. This is the perfect lipstick if you want a natural look, it also give off a 90’s vibe.

Color trend: I have had this lipstick for so long the sticker and label have both rubbed off from the package. I would describe the color and a shiny gold with a sheen finish. This one combined with Lustrous Caramel is a match made in lipstick heaven

Shimmering Violet: This is from Avon and had a gloss finish. I am so sad it almost finished definitely one of the prettiest lipsticks I am going to be re-purchasing. It is different from my other lipsticks because it has a ombre shimmering gleam mixture if you look at it carefully.

As you can tell I am a lover of all brands I have no loyalty, what is your favorite brand or lipstick? x



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Bardot Ruffle Floral Summer Outfit

Floral dress

Floral outfitFloral Dress back viewFloral backBardot floral dress

I cannot say it enough, I love summer and the fashion trends you can wear around that season. What’s more gorgeous than wearing one piece of clothing that encapsulates all the  key summer/spring trends floral, ruffles and Bardot.

Florals and summer go hand in hand and this outfit was perfect for a summer weekend wedding. Bardot is also another trend that’s been around for several years and always seems to come back every spring/summer season. So I suppose it can be classed as a timeless trend that adds subtle sexiness and femininity to a piece of clothing.

The outfit details of the entire outfit are as below:

Dress: ASOS printed ruffle dress, the dress is described as ruffled but I will still add Bardot in there.

Shoes: I have talked about these beautiful nude heels in a previous post Scalloped Dress: Pop of color. They are so versatile and can go with almost any outfit, that why nudes I think are a necessity to any girl’s wardrobe.

Clutch: This again you can find at any retail shop from any price point/range just depends with your budget really; AccessorizeASOS Square Clutch.

What has been your favorite summer trend?

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Michael Kors Hand Jewellery

MK2Mk1MK3FullSizeRender (14)

Who doesn’t love some hand eye-candy accessories definitely not me nor my sister. So we both wanted to treat ourselves a little except the only difference is a) my sister loves watches, me not so much. I used to until someone told me “it’s a very expensive way to tell time”. Then I immediately got over watches. b) Why spend a lot on a watch when there are cheaper inexpensive options like Sekonda. Anyways back to the story we settled on a compromise she gets a watch and I get a bracelet and we still match because they are from the same brand.

Is anyone else matchy matchy with their siblings or it’s just me? x

Bangle: Michael Kors Buckle Bangle

Watch:Michael Kors Ladies’ Rose Gold Chronograph Bracelet watch


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MAC Lipstick Collection

In all honest I have never been a die-hard fan of MAC lipsticks to me they are just an over-hyped brand that sells somewhat expensive products. But nevertheless I thought I would try some of their products and see if I can be converted into a lover. I have included swatches of the lipsticks to show how it looks on my skin tone.

The three lipsticks I choose cover the spectrum of what I consider necessary colors to a girl’s collection.

The night out rebel color“SIN”This has a matte finish, usually I am not a fan of this type of finish because you constantly have to keep re-applying the lipstick or use gloss over it to prevent your lips from drying up. However with SIN I was pleasantly surprised, there was no dryness at all if I didn’t know better I would have thought it was a satin finish.

The shy, sophisticated color “SPIRIT”: This has a satin finish which I love love there is nothing I hate more than dry feeling lips when you have on lipstick. And with this lipstick you never have to constantly re-apply it. It’s also multi-functional because you can combine different lip-combinations with this.

The devious, sexy color “RUBY WOO”This has a matte finish, which like I mentioned above I do not necessarily likes because it’s drying to the lips. However what I found with this is its extremely drying and leaves you with dry, flaky lips. But I suppose if you put a gloss over it like “Bordeux” (Not so nudes summer), its fine. However for me it defeats and takes away from the vibrancy of the color. So often I  use good old Vaseline before applying the lipstick.

Overall I am not yet a full-fledged lover of MAC it’s not yet my go to brand for lipsticks but I must say I do love SOME of their lipsticks, maybe I just have to experiment and try some more of the lipsticks and other products of course.

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Blues Cool Casual Summer Outfit

OOTD 2blues 1Blues 2
Blues, greens, pastel cool colors make for a perfect summer day outfit. Here I was wearing a “typical” summer outfit, however I decided to edge it up by adding leather trousers (in this heat) I know but it just made the outfit stand out in my opinion. Outfit details of everything:
Blue Shirt:Moss Bros (men’s shirt)

Trousers: ASOS (honestly you can find these anywhere and at any price) mine where actually from TKMaxx Or TJMaxx but I can’t find them on the site so I just linked a pair I could find. And they were cheaper than the ones I linked.

Shoes: “JF Morana” JustFab UK

Bag: My bag is actually from the previous post (Glorious bargain: Vintage Gucci Bag) However I have linked this River Island which is just a beauty.



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Glorious Bargain: Vintage Gucci Bag

FullSizeRender (9)FullSizeRender (10)FullSizeRender (8)

Every girl’s dream is to own a designer bag, well at least I know that’t what one of my dreams is. And that is exactly what happened through luck at a car boot sale (I admittedly was forced to go to) I came across this lovely black Gucci bag and from the looks of it and speaking to the seller it seems to be genuine. I have had this bag for over 5 years and is one of my treasured bag.

So to everyone I encourage you next time you get dragged to a car boot sales  it can be lucrative, as you never know what classic hidden gem you might come across.

Happy hunting everybody x

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Scalloped Dress: Pop Of Color

Tapi 2                                                                     Tapi
I continue to have a love affair with bright colors this summer. And this is no different to my sister’s stance on this, she too is addicted to color and bright colors at that (I think it runs in the family). Here my sister is wearing a fabulously delicate bright yellow scalloped dress and strapless heels details below:

DRESS: got this from  Lulu’s

Heels: got these from New Look but again you can find a similar design and style at any shop really.