Fall/ Autumn Essentials Fashion: Stiletto Boots

Fall/ Autumn Essentials Fashion: Stiletto Boots

Summer is officially gone now we are now in the autumn season going into full-fledged winter soon.  All the sundresses, maxi dresses/skirts, crop tops and shorts all packed away now probably gathering dust until next year.

However, with each new season, it brings along with it the opportunity to jazz up your wardrobe whether its slowly transitioning some of your summer clothes into the colder months of the year (e.g. denim jackets) or completely bringing out that pair of stiletto boots you have been secretly eyeing all summer.

That is the focus of my post, stiletto boots in my opinion boots and winter go hand in hand but stiletto boots and winter they allow you to be fashionable and warm at the same time. I recently came across the website FSJShoes.com and they have some amazing stiletto boots, for winter. Two of my favorite picks were:

  1. Black Stiletto Heels Pointy Toe Back Lace-up Boots with Silver Studs  This pair is what I would consider a safe “LBD” version of stiletto boots. It’s in a versatile color black which you can never go wrong with so they would work for every occasion. From date night paired with a lace dress, or casual outing with friends paired with blue denim jeans and a leather jacket and a red lippy to go with it. This pair will work whether dressed up or dressed down.
  2. Burgundy Stiletto Boots Pointy Toe Suede Vintage Ankle Booties: Burgundy is synonymously associated with fall. It is a fall color that I can every girl has at least one burgundy item in their wardrobe and beauty collection. This is the main reason why I was drawn to this pair, the color. In fact, when it comes to it, it has been dubbed the “new black” for fall/autumn and winter so how could I say no. The stiletto boots are so versatile and can be dressed up or down depending again on the occasion.

What is your fall fashion essential item?



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