Collaborative Blog Post: South Africa Holiday Guide 2017

This year one of my goals has to be to start collaborating and working alongside other bloggers, be it lifestyle, beauty or travelling. So it was an exciting opportunity when I got presented with the opportunity to guest feature on Esquavi .  This site, Esquavi is a lifestyle blog  that features everything from music reviews, holiday guides, podcasts, lifestyle, technology and Food recipes all with the goal of highlighting the best of what Africa has to offer.  For the post I was given creative freedom to write about whatever topic I wanted, so I decided to write about my second love, Travelling (Fashion being first of course)!!

For the post I decided to focus on South Africa because that one of the only countries I have been back to on multiple occassions because I love it that much. So I decided to do a comprehensive travel guide and I am going again in a few weeks *squeals with excitement so it helped with adding more activities to my itinerary.

south african sunset

The blog post is very comprehensive and covers everything about why you would, and should add South Africa to your bucket-list of countries to visit.  I was very impressed with this article because although I have been to South Africa so many times, I learnt and discovered so many more hidden gems from the research that I am excited for upcoming trip and will be ticking some of those off my list. The full post is South Africa Travel Guide 2017 

Cape Town South Africa

As I mentioned before I was given creative freedom so I decided to challenge myself and even created a YouTube summarized guide that you can watch the video of that South Africa 2017 Holiday Guide

Aside from South Africa (me hopes) what other countries are on your travel bucket list? x

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