Lipstick Collection

I always meant to complete my lipstick collection and review. Last time I solely focused on the MAC Lipstick Collection but this time I have decide to review all of them. The collection is quite random as it is made up of multiple high street brands.

Vixen: The brand is Sleek and the lipstick has a sheen finish. I love this the color is beautiful and the finish prevents you from having to constantly re-apply it.

Certainly Red: The brand is Revlon and the lipstick has a creme finish. This red is quite similar to that of vixen the only difference is the level of sheen/shininess between the two. But I love it.

Russian Roulette: The brand is Sleek and the lipstick has a matte finish. Love the color hate the dryness I get from it though. However now I use it with a lip-gloss over it and Vaseline before applying it so it’s fine.

Chic: The brand is W7 from Ebony, I have talked about this in my Not so nudes summer post, so you can tell I love it, it’s my current “go to” lipstick

Maxi:  the sticker with the name of the lipstick is no longer showing but it was from Maxi. I love this tone, but it’s even more perfect when combined with MAC’s Spirit

Mystic: This is my third Sleek lipstick, I just love the formula they use in their lipsticks so much. The finish is matte, I combine it with a gloss.

Lustrous Caramel:  The brand is Isadora and the lipstick has a creme finish. This is the perfect lipstick if you want a natural look, it also give off a 90’s vibe.

Color trend: I have had this lipstick for so long the sticker and label have both rubbed off from the package. I would describe the color and a shiny gold with a sheen finish. This one combined with Lustrous Caramel is a match made in lipstick heaven

Shimmering Violet: This is from Avon and had a gloss finish. I am so sad it almost finished definitely one of the prettiest lipsticks I am going to be re-purchasing. It is different from my other lipsticks because it has a ombre shimmering gleam mixture if you look at it carefully.

As you can tell I am a lover of all brands I have no loyalty, what is your favorite brand or lipstick? x




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